Conquer the highest cold desert and create a legacy!

Sarfaranga Desert is locted in the Baltistan region at an altitude of around 1000 feet. These sandbanks are also known as the cold desert with strong winds that shift the dunes, forming different shapes each time. This cold dessert is extended from Khaplu Valley to Nubra Ladakh and Shigar Skardu valley to Zanskar in India.

This desert holds a unique place in the hearts of travelers due to its high altitude and cold region. The shooting stars and the moving galaxy spread in the sky in cold nights of Sarfaranga. The Indus River beside crystal clear water reflects the image of colorful trees, enhancing the beauty of Sarfaranga village.

The three-day Car and Bike Rally – comprising on only 40 kilometers. The first ever International Sarfaranga Cold Desert Rally was held in August 2017. Beside the rally, there are various regional and cultural programs including Polo matches, Zakh competition and cultural shows. Also there is an exhibition of regional products and local dishes.