One of the most strenuous but equally rewarding walk of over hundred kilometer traverse of Biafo and Hispar Glacier, passing through 30 square miles and 1.5 km thick snow Lake. The combination of two large glaciers making the longest glacial system outside the polar region making it obviously physically even more demanding then Concordia trek. The huge glacial systems of the Central Karakoram presented explorers, with formidable challenges, right up until the 1930’s when Eric Shipton forged a link over Karakoram watershed, to the Shaksgam Valley in Xinjiang. Our trek will capture something of this pioneering spirit, as we traverse the Biafo and Hispar glaciers, and explore the main divide of the Inner Karakoram. From Askole we follow the first few stages of the K2 trek before diverting up the Biafo Glacier. The route provides breath-taking views of Ogre, Latoks and countless unclimbed peaks, as we walk over cracking glacier.

Range: Karakoram

Altitude: Min 600m-Max 5151m

Zone: Open

Duration: 22 Days

Best Time:   Mid June-September (End)