The great Trango Tower is one of the jagged granite needles sticking out like a diamond in the trango group above the glimmering Trango Glacier situated in Baltoro region. First ascent of nameless tower was made by British team, led by Joe Brown in 1975. In recent years Trango Tower have attracted rock climber from all over the world including stars like Catherine Detivel, Huber brothers and many more.

Outline Itinerary
Day 1:
Arrival Islamabad

Day 2: Chilas/Skardu

Day 3: Skardu

Day 4: Askole

Day 5: Jhola

Day 6: Paiyu

Day 7: Base camp

Day30: Jhola

Day 31: Askole

Day 32: Skardu

Day 33: Free day at Skardu

Day 34: Chilas/Islamabad

Day43: Islamabad

Day 45: Fly home

Range: Karakoram

Altitude: 6286m

Zone: Open

Duration: 45 Days

Best Time: May-September (End)