Spantik Peak is very well known as the easiest mountain from south side while its north pillar is one of the most stunning granite faces that has attracted top rock climbers in last 20 years. The northwestern face on the Nagar side with its bright red color give its name as ‘’Ghenish Chhish’ which in Brushaski language means ‘’Mountain of Gold’’. The peak is located in the Rakaposhi and Haramosh massif near Barpu and Garumbar glaciers in Nagar valley. Most recently, Spantik (7027m) has been a favorite of climbers for themselves for higher objectives. The approach route to the beautiful campsites along the chogolungma glacier offers vistas of mountain scenery with innumerable high peaks. Although technically easy but Spantik is for mountaineers who have necessary technical abilities on ice and snow and at least have been on some smaller peaks. High altitude experience and necessary technical skills are required to be on this expedition.

Outline Itinerary
Day 1:
Arrival Islamabad

Day 2: Islamabad

Day 3: Skardu/chilas

Day 4-5: Skardu

Day 6: Arandu

Day 7: Chogo Brangsa

Day 8: Bolocho

Day 9: Spandik BC

Day 10-26: Acclimatization/climb

Day 32: Islamabad

Day 33-34: Islamabad

Day 35: Fly home

Range: Karakoram

Altitude: 7027m

Duration: 35 Days

Best Time: May-August